Binoculars for Dragonflies

Insect-viewing in the backyard or in the great outdoors is a wonderful hobby. Insects such as dragonflies are particularly mesmerizing creatures that have fascinated nature lovers for centuries, but they can be hard to watch in detail. To make a serious habit out of this fascination and to take it up a notch, you might want to consider buying binoculars. The best binoculars for dragonflies will offer the most focused, unadulterated views of these tiny, fleeting creatures.

For these backyard-viewing purposes, binoculars that produce the best close-range images and have a 3 mm exit pupil length are the most suitable. Remember that a binocular has two measures: its magnification and its lens’ diameter. Lower magnification and shorter lenses are better for close-range viewing because they conjure the optimal exit pupil length for our pupils (that are usually 2-3 mm in length). Thus, an exit pupil length that is as close to 3 mm in length will trap just the right amount of light (into the lenses) that will allow us to perceive brighter images from close-up.

Here is a list of the best binoculars for spotting dragonflies or other insects:

This binocular’s compact variants include the 8×25 and the 8×32 but its full-range one, the 8×42 is also good for insect-viewing (as well as for safaris and bird-watching). The BaK-4 Prism produces sharp images and its 6.5 ft close focus as well as it 3 mm exit pupil length allow detailed views. In addition, its twist-up eyecups make for a comfortable viewing experience. Priced as a mid-range binocular, this is a great first-time purchase for an amateur insect-viewing enthusiast looking to get started.

This is a moderately higher-end product made specifically for close-range insect-watching. It is even advertised as ideal for butterfly and dragonfly watching. This binocular has an almost idyllic exit pupil length of 4 mm and is incredibly lightweight weighing merely 0.83 lbs. Some additional features that may come in handy are its waterproof and fogproof lenses, 3.92 ft close focus and its sturdy chassis.

Also in the higher-end price range is this binocular which is offered in two variants: 8×42 and 10×42. The 8×42 mid-range kind is more suitable for insect-watching because of its precision focusing. This product offers a very comfortable viewing experience with a special grip area and comfortable eye cups. Although this might not have the precision focus as the other products on this list, it offers crisp, high-quality optics that can also be used for other outdoor activities such as bird-watching, dolphin watching etc.

A highly popular product, this is a great value-for-money binocular; it is affordably priced and jam-packed with the best features for insect-watching. A lightweight product (weighing merely 0.6 lbs), its 21mm lens brings you extremely close to your subjects giving a sensation of watching insects under a microscope. Because of the smaller lens length on this product, they permit only a thin beam of light which is why the eyepieces must be held in smack center of the eye for the best viewing experience.