Binoculars for Football Games

Cheering wildly with the crowd supporting your favorite football team may be fun, but we’ve all been at the place where we’re cheering without knowing exactly what happened because we accidentally missed it. The players can make a sudden move which might not be clear from where you’re sitting, and if you’re looking at the players themselves rather than the big screen, then you’ve missed the big play. It’s embarrassing when that happens. Furthermore, looking at players from far away isn’t exactly as immersive as one might think. Getting a pair of binoculars will legitimize all the hype you’re feeling, because you’ll actually be looking closely at what’s happening in the field rather than repeatedly asking your friend to explain what just happened. Here are some of the best binoculars for football games:


The first item on the list is the Ranger ED 8x42mm by Eagle Optics. These are the perfect binoculars for football games, because of their lenses, which are 8x42mm. This means that they don’t have extremely strong magnification, but are more than good enough for watching a football match. This magnification is a great thing because you can move the binoculars while looking through them all the time and you still won’t lose focus or get dizzy. Anything with a stronger magnification makes this difficult as the constant shifting of focus can make you tired. Other than this, the binoculars offer ED glass, which is high quality and makes the image the binoculars give spectacular. It makes the image high contrast and very sharp with great colors, which are never bad things to have. In addition to this, the lenses are also multicoated, which makes them anti reflective and has them perform well during afternoon games. In terms of price, this item may be a little expensive; but then, which good quality product isn’t? These binoculars make a solid buy and are highly recommended for anyone willing to spend some bucks to make their sporting events more immersive.


The next item we have is the WideViews 8X42 HD by Polaris Optics. Like the product given above, these binoculars offer lenses of 8x42mm, making them great for football and other game viewing. The price is lower to some degree, but that doesn’t make this product any inferior to the Ranger ED. In fact, this product gives some features which are unavailable in the one given above like its extraordinarily wide field of view. It ensures great colors and very sharp images due to its phase correction coated prisms. The high contrast is good for evening matches. On top of that, the binoculars are also waterproof and fog proof, making them durable and usable during rainy matches. The focus enables you to go as close as you want without distorting the image quality. This item is great in terms of quality, and definitely recommended.

If you have some extra dollars available, go for the Ranger ED, as it’s generally more durable. However, if you opt for the WideViews HD, it won’t let you down either.