Binoculars for Narrow Set Eyes

Binoculars don’t work properly when the eye pupils aren’t aligned perfectly with the binocular lenses. This can be a major problem for people who have narrow faces, which are most commonly women, teenagers and kids. There isn’t anything wrong with having a slightly narrower face than the average adult male, and many binoculars have the feature of being adjustable to accommodate users and allow them to match the lenses to their eyes. However, most companies don’t specify the minimum distance between the lenses, and thus some people might not be able to use most binoculars regardless of them having an adjustable hinge. For these purposes, we have selected some binoculars which can safely be used by people with smaller interpupillary distances, which is the distance between the two pupils.

Here’s a list of the best binoculars for narrow set eyes you might want to have a look at:


The first pair of binoculars we have on the list is the Rainbow 8×25 by Levenhuk. This product isn’t too expensive, so buying it won’t be much of a risk. It has a roof prism, which means they’re fairly compact, and comes in plenty of bright colors to choose from. It has a good 8x magnification, which is good for most purposes. Another great thing about this product is its light weight, which means it is easy to carry anywhere you like, whether concerts and sporting events or a hike through the hills! Additionally, these binoculars are also pretty rugged, and perform well under harsh conditions. The durability allows the binoculars to last long. The binoculars are both waterproof and fog proof due to the nitrogen filling. These binoculars have a minimum interpupillary distance of 3.5cm, which makes it possible for pretty much anyone to use them regardless of the distance between their eyes. This item is a recommended buy; it has a great price and delivers great value for it.


The next item is significantly more advanced than the Levenhuk Rainbow. The BGA T PC Oasis by Opticron is a very high end set of binoculars and will make the perfect pair of binoculars to take with you for travelling if you choose to buy them. They are light weight, and have a professional look to them. It also helps that they are pretty compact by design. They are, of course, waterproof and fog proof, and can endure pretty much any weather conditions. The minimum interpupillary distance on this pair of binoculars is 3.5cm like the previous one. It has a 10x magnification, however, and can be used for the purposes of hunting and other activities which require looking at targets from great distances. The image is extremely clear and has high definition through the lens of these binoculars. If you have some money to spare, then you should definitely go for this product.


Lastly, we have the Discovery WP PC by Opticron. These binoculars have 8x32mm lenses, which gives the same magnification, but allows for a bit more light to enter the lenses hence giving more image brightness. In terms of price, this pair of binoculars is somewhat lower than the PC Oasis, but delivers in terms of quality. It has a neat and compact design, and is waterproof, which makes it great for rainy conditions. It gives a wide angle for viewing, and has good build.

The best binoculars for your purposes will be ultimately determined by your budget and intended use, but in any case all of the above models are good binoculars for narrow set eyes and won’t let you down.