Binoculars for Nature Viewing

Whether you’re looking to start bird watching, going on an African safari, or about to visit the Costa Rican rainforest, it’s quite obvious you’ll need a good pair of binoculars to help you on your way. It doesn’t matter what type of ‘nature’ you’re planning on observing; you could be watching waterfalls, waves in the ocean or simply observing birds and plants in your local park (you’d be surprised at how much you’ll find there); we’ve set aside some binoculars that are great for nature viewing and which will fit your needs and will make your experience a lot more memorable.

Typically, binoculars of 10x magnification are most suited for this purpose, as you’ll be concentrating on single targets for the most part. The strong magnification allows you to see the finer details of what you’re observing. Here are a few products that you may find interesting:

The first pair of binoculars we have on today’s list is the Optics Voyager by Wingspan. This item is pretty low-range when it comes to pricing, and affordable for almost everyone. It offers a good quality exterior, which is reasonably durable and can handle outside weather conditions without wear and tear. It is waterproof to withstand rainy conditions and has nitrogen filling to prevent fog from forming and fogging up the view. It is drop proof, meaning falling from an average holding height won’t damage it, which is a great advantage. The greatest advantage of all in using these binoculars is the amazing image quality they offer. Even at maximum magnification, the image is surprisingly sharp and full of color. This makes for an excellent experience watching nature and will result in many a pleasant afternoons. The lenses are multicoated which maximize image quality, and are also 10x42mm, which means they give the necessary amount of magnification while keeping a good exit pupil, a wide view, and an impressive eye relief on the table. The Bak-4 prism makes sure that you receive adequate contrast in your view. This product offers great value for their price, and are particularly recommended for beginners.

Another pair of binos worth mentioning is the BX-1 McKenzie by Leupold. The advantage that this item holds over the Optics Voyager is that it delivers some great features while keeping a moderate price tag.  This model is built for durability, and can resist most weather conditions. It has been well tested for performance and resilience, and made using the best materials available. It is also a 10x42mm, making long range viewing a breeze. It is waterproof and fog proof, making it fit for rainy conditions or a trip to Alaska or Yellowstone park. These optics offer a great sharp image. They are a great buy for anyone starting out with birding or similar activities.

Both binoculars come pretty close in terms of the value they provide for the money, but the verdict will have to go with the BX-1 McKenzie due to its low price to high value ratio. By no means does this mean that the Optics Voyager is bad, though. You can enjoy great views of nature with either model.