Binoculars for Pilots

Whether you’re a flying enthusiast, a member of the police force, a hunter or a boater, you’ll want some good quality binoculars to help you on your way. Buying a good pair of binoculars can make the difference between spotting perfect game for your hunt or flying around aimlessly and pretending to be hunting. Binoculars can make work very efficient for farmers with large scale farms. Having a birds eye view can provide valuable insight as to how the farm is functioning. They can be crucial in saving someone’s life when it comes to security forces and lifeguards.

The most common recommended size for the best binoculars for pilots is smaller than 8x42mm. The main reason behind this is that magnification bigger than that can be difficult to work with during flight. Visual objectives can be harder to keep focus of, and scanning areas with them is enough to nauseate almost anyone. The only way binoculars with greater magnification can be used is by spotting potential targets with the naked eye and then using the binoculars for proper vision. 8x42mm or a little smaller is great because scanning through them isn’t too bad, and this serves as an advantage. Here are a few binoculars models which cover a wide range of prices to choose from:

The first pair is from the PowerView series by Bushnell. These binoculars are at the lower end of the price spectrum. They offer good value for their buck, and are great for long distance viewing. The 10x50mm lenses are fully coated. The product prides itself in being able to give exceptionally clear and bright images. However, it may require a mount for a stabilized view. Scanning the land below might not be viable since the high magnification can make you dizzy. Also, this product is not waterproof, which may not be an issue in aviation, but something to keep in mind.

The next item on the list is the 7×50 Marine Binocular by Steiner. These binoculars are more expensive than the model by Bushnell given above. The lenses are 7x50mm and are fully coated. The binoculars are waterproof, and shockproof too giving them high durability and longevity. These binoculars have an autofocus feature, making it easier to concentrate on targets and areas which matter. Viewing in low light is made easier by this product too due to the large objective lenses and Porro prism construction. All in all, this item is a solid buy. It is lightweight, has the perfect lens size for scanning areas, and provides great focus. These versatile binoculars can be when flying, yachting, or even hunting in the mountains – they’re perfect for anyone willing to spend a little extra.

The last item on this list is the H2O 8×42 Waterproof/Fog proof Binocular by Bushnell. As suggested by the product’s name, it is waterproof and fog proof, which may be useful for flying. The lenses are 8x42mm, which means scanning areas below is an easy task with these binoculars. The grip is comfortable and non-slip, decreasing the chances of dropping them by accident. The grip also helps absorb any shock that comes from it falling. The image quality is great, and the focus knob is large and placed at the center for comfortable use.

The most recommended binoculars for pilots would have to be the 7×50 Marine Binocular by Steiner. It offers the best value for its price. However, the other two items won’t let you down if you decide to buy them.