Binoculars for Golf Watching

If you are planning to use binoculars for golf watching specifically, then a great tool for the job is the ALPEN MAGNAVIEW 12×52 wide angle binocular:

These binoculars give a massive 12x magnification and 52mm lens, which is what you need to be able to spot and gauge the position of a small target like a golf ball at a distance. Nonetheless, they offer a wide field of view for the amount of magnification. They have been designed specifically for sports and are great to use at other events as well, such as baseball or football. The coated optics are superb for the price and they can be used by eyeglass wearers.

But what if you want to not only watch, but also play golf?

You swing your golf club. It hits the golf ball, and it soars through the air going over 400 yards, but you don’t know that. You can’t even find the ball after that. This happens to each and every single ball until you’re forced to go out and look for your golf balls, ruining the immersive and relaxing experience for you and your friends. This is how golfing is for people who don’t invest in rangefinder binoculars for golf watching. If you want to golf, you’ll need one of those, and this article is going to guide you through the process and help you choose which one you want to get. Those binoculars can be bought at

Rangefinders work by using lasers. They bounce a beam at the target, which is your golf ball, and calculate the distance by using the time taken for the beam to return.

The first item on our list is the Digital Standard Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder by Compain, Inc. It’s not a binocular, and it costs more than some of its rivals, but a lot less than most of them. For its price, it offers some great features. It has an astounding 6x zoom-in magnification feature, which is above average. It has a great accuracy of 300 yards to +/- one yard margin of error. This gives the device an accuracy of 99.6%, which means you’ll always know exactly how far your ball went. This rangefinder comes at a convenient pocket size making it nice and portable. It has a rubber grip for easy handling, and is even water proof, but it is doubtful that you’ll go golfing in the rain. It has a durable structure, and also adds a low battery indicator and a laser indicator into the package. It can also change its measurement units from yards to meters and vice versa. Overall, this rangefinder is a solid item for its cost and a recommended buy for beginners.

A much more costly item is the Laser Rangefinder Binocular 8×42 LD-BN842-LRF by Luna Optics. This item is for die hard golfing fans that are willing to pay premium for an overly exquisite golfing experience. This binocular can easily measure the distance of the golf ball at long range within only half a second! Furthermore, the item is lightweight, has a good grip for comfortable handling and perfectly sized eyepieces which contribute to a premium experience while using it. The eye cups can be adjusted and allow glass wearers to use the binocular with ease. All the glass on the item is multicoated with various materials to protect it from the environment, make it self-cleaning and help it negate damaging effects caused by water, UV rays and dust. This rangefinder has really amazing features, but comes at a hefty price, and is recommended only for those who have prior experience with rangefinders and binoculars in general and know what they’re looking for when buying this item.

This basically covers the binoculars for golf watching which you’d be interested in buying. There are a few rangefinders which cost in between the two items mentioned but fall short on the price to value ratio. The items mentioned above are enough to satisfy all sorts of consumers.


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