Binoculars for Elk Hunting

For any hunter, getting binoculars is of utmost importance. Anyone with some experience in hunting would already know this. For those who don’t: binoculars help in tracking the animal that you’re tracking. They make sure you know the general direction where the herd is headed, and where the leader of the herd is. They also make it easy to scan through the whole herd, and choose your prey carefully, whether you’re looking to hunt the weak ones to thin out the herd, or to kill a bull worthy of being a trophy. Quite often, you won’t be able to tell which species you’re looking at from a distance unless you have a good pair of binos at your side that you can whip out to get a closer look.

There are plenty of binoculars that can be used for hunting elk to choose from, some of which are for beginners and others for avid and experienced hunters who know their game pretty well. This article will help you in choosing from some of the best binoculars available.

If you’re headed to Alaska to hunt some elk, getting a pair of 10x42mm optics might not be such a bad idea. This size of binoculars is what you need if you want to see specific details in the animal which you’re hunting, like the size of its antlers.

The first item on the list is the 2444 Predator by Steiner. As far as pricing goes, this product is on the shallow end of the pool. That doesn’t go to say that it compromises on quality though. These binoculars offer great quality and 10x42mm lens.  They have Color Adjusting Transmission and Optimized Light Transmission technology, which enables them to provide better color contrast to spot out potential game more easily and also to see game in low light environments. This makes it perfect for hunting at dawn or in the evening. It has a strong exterior which can withstand relatively strong impacts, making it safe from the occasional happy accident. The focus wheel is absolutely spot-on, giving it a premium feel when zooming in or out on targets. Potential problems may include the lens cover connector, so you’ll want to be careful with that. This item is, of course, fog proof. All these features make it perfect for almost any kind of hunting environment, and especially viable for elk and deer hunting.

The second item we have on the list is the Conquest HD by Zeiss. This product costs a lot more than the Predator model above. Zeiss is well known for the amazing quality of the glass they make, and the one they made for these binos is no exception. The eyecups on this item are rotatable to accommodate eyeglass wearers. The design is lightweight at 1.75 lbs. This, along with its compact, yet durable, design makes for an excellent contender. The lenses are 10x42mm as well. The quality is quite commendable, and makes holding the binoculars an enjoyable experience. This high end product is recommended for hunters who want to spend a lot more for good quality.

The downside of getting a pair of 10x42mm binoculars is that they can be hard to keep steady at their immense magnifications. Therefore, getting a tripod will be very beneficial for you. Another option is to get an 8x42mm pair; however, they won’t be as accommodating if your aim is to look closely at your game.