Binoculars for African Safari

If you want to go all the way to Africa and watch its majestic animals roaming around in the wild, then don’t forget to bring your binoculars. You want to bring a model that is waterproof, durable, and one that has the right amount of magnification. A magnification of 8x to 10x will be ideal, because it gives a sufficiently wide field of view, so that you can capture all the action, and yet with adequate detail.

Here are the most appropriate binoculars for African Safari trip

This is an ideal tool for your trip. In addition to the 8×32 model, it comes in some other sizes as well. There is the 50mm model that is good for viewing sceneries in low light, while the 32mm model is preferable if you want more portability and decent light gathering ability.

The 32mm model is a good choice since it is not heavy. You can carry it around physically without burdening yourself and easily maintain steadiness if you are focusing on a specific scene for a longer period. It has a strong build so it will not get damaged easily. The optical components of these binoculars are of very high quality so you can rest assured that you will get every detail of the African landscape views and savannah wildlife.

For a very light alternative to the above, you can try this model. Since you will probably be doing most of your viewing in broad daylight, and there’s no lack of that where you’re going, then your binoculars for African safari don’t necessarily need large objectives, unless you are going into the jungle. The upside of this model is its minimal weight: only 0.5 pounds, so it’s very easy to carry around and hold up for prolonged periods of time (like waiting for that male lion to wake up, yeah right). They are waterproof and have advanced UV coating to save your eyes.

So those are the two binoculars models that we think will help you on your trip and create lots of memorable experiences. Also, have a look at out binoculars buying guide for more details. Since you wouldn’t be able to go near those wild animals most of the time, a good binocular is an absolute necessity.

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